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Virtual aux trigger check engine light

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Just had a thought for an idea while thinking about a situation with an NA rally car. 
Being a very dirty environment in rally it's prone to clogging air filters and reducing performance.

I had an idea that a set of virtual AUX could trigger a light as a "filters clogged" message. 
Like so:


So it would trigger a light to say the filter needs changing. 
However - the ECU doesnt have any outputs left for a light.

So I thought it might be cool if you could trigger a check engine light with virtual aux instead.
You could use the label on the virtual aux as the message for why CEL has been triggered.
Or, maybe as per OEM ECUs CEL you could have a list of 10 error lights. Then they will flash say 5 flashes in a row then long pause. For error 5. 

Maybe you could have a drop down "warning status" with the options off, trigger CEL, turn off CEL.

So you could have a set of conditions contrary to above, on a second virtual aux which turns the CEL back off if conditions are met.

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I agree, it would be nice to have a more configurable driver warning light function.  Some ecu's I work with have a table or check list where you can select which situations or sensors will trigger a warning.  

@Davidv.  I know its not exactly what you want, but just in case you didnt think of this, I often do something like below to give the CE light output multiple functions:



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