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I have swapped the stock 3sfe to a 3sge redtop beams in my 1991 Toyota Camry and in the process of converting it to a 5 speed manual. So I decided to get a standalone system for it, got a link g4+ fury and need some help figuring out how to set up a base map/tune it?

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Hey Jenova, 

I've run a redtop 3SGE for a long time with a G4+. Great engine! 
You can use the Altezza 3SGE basemap, and then just turn off the exhaust side VVTI options. 
I can give you some decent maps for cam timing / ignition / etc but will need to know what sort of load axis you are using. 
(MAP sensor?)
If you PM me your email address, I'll send you a redtop specific map that you can start from.
But keep in mind there are a lot of variables that you'll still need to fine tune yourself for your particular engine.
I would reccomend that you switch to a set of Altezza injectors, if you can source them cheap locally where you are. 
Because I've got good accurate injector data for those, which helps a heap.

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