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tps issue

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hi my gm style tps has failed Link G4 extreme.This is on an aftermarket edelbrock throttle body and have since fitted a new non adjustable vn commodore tps and have changed the signal and earth wires on the plug as it was going from 0 thru to 100% after calibration but if i held the throttle full open it would drop down to 10% and the volts would error out as to low and 0%Volts hence swapping the signal and earth feeds.after swapping the wires and done the calibration All checks out on the run-time values when testing it. the only thing is that the 100% comes up before full throttle even with the calibration complete.the other thing is when i have the engine running it is erratic and is only reading throttle position periodically have had periods of up to 8 minutes with no tps signal and that's driving around with numerous presses on the pedal as you would expect

Log 12-02-20 7;09;28 pm.llg oring first tune fumey modified.pcl

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It appears you may have the TPS wired wrong.  Your voltage only varys from about 0.95V to 1.2V from open to closed, normally you would see more like a 3.5V range from open to closed.

The GM TPS are usually wired like below, is yours wired like this?


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