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G4 Atom coils issue

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I am tuning a 1.8t audi engine on G4 Atom and it is having spark blowout on boost. Afr is good, I closed the spark plug gap to 0.5mm, engine compression is good still has spark blowout. Engine is producing 330whp at 1.5 bar boost. The coils in the car are stock with a 3 pin connector as found below:


I tried swapping them with audi r8 4pin (red coils) but ecu didnt want to fire them. 
According to info i found online the difference in wiring between the 2 coils is one extra ground wire on the Audi R8 coils. 

I couldnt find the issue so far so just checking before i get deeper, is g4 Atom compatible with audi r8 coils? 

Thanks in advance,


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Those 3 wire coils are non-amplified coils, they will need a separate ignitor to drive them.

The Audi R8 coils however have an ignitor built-in and should work fine.  Be aware there are at least two different pinouts for the common 4 pin VAG coils so check you have it correct.

Audi R8 should be like this:



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Thank you Adam. I swapped the coils the problem persists. I just noticed in the log dwell is erratic falling to 0.7 randomly at 2-3k rpm. Cant see the reason in calibration all looks ok. Dwell is not erratic at high boost and rpm however spark breakout/missfire is terrible. Anyone has any ideas what could be the issue? I tried spark plugs as well no cure. I am suspecting trigger issue or emi... will check if trigger wiring shielding is properly done.

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