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BMW S54 Fly by Wire

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Hi has anyone tried to run the Actuator for the throttle on a BMW S54 with ViPec?  Does anyone have a file for this?  Is it safe and reliable? 

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I cant say for sure if you have a V88 as I havent done much with E-throttle on the old ecus.  I have however had success with a G4+ running a S54, but they are pretty fiddly to get right.  The main problem seems to be if you let them close too much the vacuum sucks them shut so hard that you cant even open them with a small prybar.  I believe the factory ecu overcomes this by using the idle valve instead of the throttles for small pedal movements, and only attempts to open the throttles once the idle valve is fully opened. 

What worked for me was running quite retarded ignition and the idle valve as closed as possible at normal warm idle - say 0-5degs and 20% on the idle valve.  This means the throttle position is far more open just to achieve a normal idle speed so the blades dont get "sucked shut".

I know some guys say they needed to remove 3 of the return springs for success, but I didnt need to with this strategy.

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