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Launch control on a finger button G$ Xtreme

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I would like to add a finger operated button launch control to my Toyota 2zz with Xtreme and drive by wire throttle. How do I wire this in? The car is used for targa rallies and we have multiple stop starts for passage controls, stop/go boxes per stage!! All help appreciated

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The button would be wired to a Di, That Di is then assigned to control the Launch control function. 

A very simple setup shown below switch would have to be active for 1 second to turn on the launch control limit of 4000rpm 

Basic launch.PNG

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4 minutes ago, petermfaulkner@gmail.com said:

I assume one would use a normally open switch to earth to activate?

That is usually the easiest option, although the ECU is happy to work with a ground or +12V signal and normally open or normally closed is fine.


5 minutes ago, petermfaulkner@gmail.com said:

any way to reduce the 1 second delay :) ?

That is the 3rd setting down in the screenshot Simon attached.  You can set it to zero if you like.  The "arming time" setting is more commonly used when it is activated by a clutch switch, so you set it longer than a normal gear shift takes so it doesnt activate during a gearshift.

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