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Ethrottle span beyond 0 and 100 %

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One thing that's unique about E-throttle compared to a cable setup, is that its possible to smash the throttle into the end stops and damage the internals of it.

(I've got a pile of busted e-throttle gears here somewhere...)

So generally the solution is to limit the targeted travel to say 2% and 98% of the actual  measured sweep of the throttle.

But, its kinda weird looking through the logs when you see it's at 98% when really its 100% as far open as it should be.

Or when it's at 2% that's really its closed position.

So I know it sounds nitpicky but it would be cool if it could span from say -5% throught to 105%

Or maybe on the TPS calibration you tell it to stay XYZ amount off the end stops. Then it stores that trimmed value as 0-100 but has tolerance for going say 2% or 5% over that, without triggering errors.

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If you do that, arent you liable to get e-throttle errors if it over runs past what it thinks is the maximum/minimum allowable voltages? 

As realistically it's going to overshoot at some times.

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