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GTRLink G4 - Neutral switch

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I've looked in the pinouts and the Link doesn't have pin 44 for the neutral switch, but can it support it at all?  i.e. stop idiots from not checking the car is in neutral before starting.

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If you have an old G4 then you are right, pin 44 is not connected.  If you have a G4+ then it is connected to DI8.

If you want to do something with the ignition switch then there are 2 spare digital inputs available on the expansion connector that you can connect the neutral switch to.  

Im still not sure what you are going to do with it however - the starter motor is not controlled by the ECU so even with a neutral switch connected the ECU cant do anything about someone cranking it in gear.  You could do an ignition cut or similar to prevent it from starting but I dont know if thats what you want to achieve.  You are probably better to wire the starter signal to a relay that is only energised when the neutral switch is closed.


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