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10% methanol ball park fuel table adjustments

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Hi all,


If ive done a good tune on 100 percent petrol 99 ron and add 10% meth to the tank, what's the approximate ball park figure I'd need to add to the fuel table.?i was going to try 5 percent everywhere and then adjust through trial and error. Car also runs methanol injection, would there be much difference if ran straight pump fuel 99 ron?

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90% petrol with a stoich of ~14.7 + 10% meth with a stoich of 6.5 gives you a combined stoich of about 13.9:1.  

If you are tuned in modelled mode you can just change the stoichiometric ratio setting and it should take care of the change in fuel.  If you are tuned in traditional mode then multiply the fuel table by 1.06 (6%) should get you in the ballpark.

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