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Anastasios Kazazis

Cold start issue on Celica ST205 3S-GTE

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When the engine is cold & I try to power on the engine  the idle cannot be stable and after  ~5 secs the engine is off.

If I press the pedal of accelerator during the engine power on  and after two-three times the engine works properly &stay on. 

That time the value on wide band is about ~ 13.5 for few secs & after a while is going 14.7.

Does anyone have any idea what I can check on the ECU settings?


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Seems like you need more fuel. 

AFRs are dropping to 17 and engine is cutting off.

From what I see the only reason it runs again is because "Post Start Enrich" seems to go up instead of down..  (which is odd)


2020-03-23 23_34_17-PCLink Engine Management - C__Users_Remski_Desktop_Downloads_23_03_2020.pclr.png

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Hi remski2

Thanks for your help and fast reply, the problem is that

when I see when the engine is finally power on, the AFR is about ~13.0 for 15 seconds and with 1200 rpm.

How much more :) fuel, it needs to stay on ? 

I was wondering if there is something wrong configured on ignition or on intake throttle 


If in port start enrichment table , i will increase the values of 10 and 20 deg  

from 26 and 21 to 36 and 31 could be better?



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Start by adding 10% in your fuel map.

Your post start enrich should go to 0 , then your warmup enirichment should kick in and eventually go to 0 once the operating temperature is reached.

(look at the image attached .. its from Link manual)

Depending on engine but I keep my AFR around 13.5 for post start and warmup, tapering off to 14.7, once either your 02 correction kicks in or you reach your normal operating temperature.



Post start enrich table is Coolant temp vs. % of additional fuel.  



The Help section has a nice write up as to what happens in steps. 

2020-03-24 09_49_28-ECU Tuning Function Online Help.png

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Hi remski2

I followed your suggestion and i increase the post start enrichment table as below


Now the engine start up is much more better than before, it works properly. I will check one more time tomorrow morning where the temperature will be for sure low and then I will leave it as it is.


Thanks again for you help

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