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RPM Activating Early

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Hi there guys. I have a problem with my car.The RPM Limit activates lower that it should,at 7900rpm(8500 at my pclink)

This only happens with 4th gear and onwards,basically when i try to hit top speed.With 1st 2nd 3rd the rev limit activates at 8300,as it should.(Default setting 8500 rpm)
Here is a pull where i hit the rev limit twice,the second time went a little higher but nowhere close 8300.
Attached the pclink and 4th gear pull.Please forward the log at 8:17......
At the dyno(Dynapack)where 5th gear was used there wasn't a problem with the rpm limit.Kicked in where it should.
Have contacted the Link team but they said that it might be noise(i have an adapter harness on the stock wires)runout from the crank...etc.
Any insight from the community would help.
The car is a Mazda Miata 1.6lt  MK2 1999 model  rated at 180bhp fully N/A  built.

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You will notice the trigger error counter counts up in the two places where the RPM limit is activated.  The PC logging rate isnt always fast enough to capture a small quick spike in RPM but what happens is the trigger error causes a spike in RPM above the limiter value so the limiter is activated.  You will also notice in ECU statistic that max engine RPM is recorded as 9200.

So you have a trigger problem.  Start by doing a triggerscope at idle and say 5000RPM and attach them here.

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