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Engine fan control with switch override

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hey guys, i really need your advice. planning to change to electric radiator fan, i wish to control it through the ECU when it reaches temp and able to override with a switch if i want to turn it on too when i at the tracks. anyone able to guide me on this?

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It would be most common just to wire a switch to ground the relay trigger (independant of ecu), however if you want to do it in the ecu, then you can wire your switch to a DI and set it up like below.

This example would is assuming the Fan relay is connected to Aux 1 and the override switch is connected to DI1.  




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No.  DI1 is your switch, this item can have an on or off status.  Virtual aux 1 also has an on or off status, it will be on when the fan temperature/hysteresis conditions are met and off at all other times. 

Aux 1 is the output that controls the fan.  So we tell Aux 1 (the fan) to turn on if DI1 is on OR if virtual aux 1 is on.  

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If your switch is connected to ground then the pull-up should be on, if the switch is connected to +12V then the pull-up should be off.

Active edge will have no effect for a switch.  

On level just inverts which switch position represents on or off.  If the switch works backwards then change the on level to the oposite.

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