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Bogging at low rpm with load

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I need some input to maybe accelerate the debugging of my map.

My 2jz is bogging under load in low rpms (up to 2500rpm), i pulled ignition back a little didn't change a thing. I know very well, that the car runs overly rich in this log, but 0.7 - 0.8 should be very well ignitable with R35 coils, as this is not so uncommon on WOT high boost applications. Working on the Charge Temp Approximation anyway, therefore it is on the rich side of things.




Any ideas?




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You need to post the actual log and tune as there is very little info available from a single screenshot.  Having said that I think you answered your own question, any engine is going to feel like a turd with 0.7 or 0.8 lambda at cruise, this is where the tuning term "fat" comes from. 

s it VVT?  What are the cams doing?  Have you confirmed base timing and no timing drift with RPM?

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Hi Adam,

Once it is resolved, I will post an update in the thread.

I know it is ridiculously fat - very well aware of that.

VVT is fixed for the moment, didn't look into that.
Base timing should be set, will confirm - timing drift, is a good input - will check later!

If you want to have a look into it: ...

Log and Map is attached.

Thanks & Cheers!

P.s. Guys, just don't use this map! :)

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