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Knock sensing level numerical limits?

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Hi.  I'm just starting to play with my knock sensor gains. (on my G4x storm).

The PCLink help file states that the knock tables should be set to a maximum of 1000 (implying perhaps that the measurements do not go much above that??).

My knock levels in my last log show values up to ~1600, and do not appear to be saturating yet. 

Obviously I want to set the sensor gain to maximise the sensor readings, while leaving plenty of headroom to actually capture the knock.

So what is the maximum sensor reading allowable before saturation?

Thanks in advance. 

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Is this the global knock level you are seeing up at 1600?

The global level can go up to just over 65500 but each individual knock level can only go up to 1275.

The maximum value that can be entered in the knock target table is 1000.


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