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g4 question

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good morning im Elliot from puerto rico i need help with an issue that I have with a custumer car im using a link ecug4+ on an evo 9 is the fifth time the car lift the head and burns the head gasket wile hitting ignition cut on high boost at 40 psi did everything I thougt it was but nothing resolve the problem ithought had a back pressure issue but that wasn't the case everything looks ok mechanically speaking just a burn gasket it happens since the dyno first section whith a brand new oem Mitsubishi block brand new 4piston head oem gasket {use tomei gasket after same problem}brand new linkg4 brand new id 2000 injectors brand new radium dual pump walbro 450 {#274} and 525 walbro as secondary 10.5 1 wisecco piston keldford 294 292 cams 6466 turbo 3.5 exhaust any ways just to know if there is any configuration or something the tuners is not seeing that right now is a second tuner and it happens the same any help appreciated

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