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evo 4

Need help/suggestions deciding on boost control and AFR setup

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I have an evo 4 with a link g4 plug and play. My original idea was to get an innovate SCG-1 and use the boost control on that and put the AFR output into the ecu but have seen a few people bring up a few issues with the SCG unit. Another option i have found is the AEM 30-4900 as this gives me the AFR and boost readings on a gauge and also the AFR output the the ecu but does not have the boost control but i think i just wire the boost control solenoid to the ecu and let it do the boost control. I am a little bit lost on what the best option is between these two or something else and i know I am not an expert at all so any suggestions or tips would be welcomed. The main things i want are a gauge that has AFR and boost level in one for a cleaner look and AFR input into the ecu for so safety cut offs can be set up. I did think i wanted an electronic boost controller but maybe it would be best to just use the ecu to do this and not worry about using a separate unit. Please let me know any thoughts or advice and feel free to ask for any more info to help answer my question. Thanks 

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