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neil brown

Calibrate triggers

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Is it crucial for this to be done when engine is running as stated in manual 


I just set mines to Subaru v1-6 5 years ago and been tuned 3 times 



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It would be highly recommended.  I have found some engines have pretty significant variation in trigger offset.  +/-3deg is not uncommon.  So if the car our basemap come from was a "+3 deg" and your car is a "-3" then your timing could be 6 degs different than what the numbers in the ign table show. 

Having said that - it will depend a lot on the tuners level of competency as well.  I never touch a car without first checking the trigger offset and confirming there is no timing drift or scatter through the rev range, im not sure everyone does.  

If the car was tuned steady state to MBT in every cell then trigger offset wouldnt matter so much - but many tuners dont and they may just assume the numbers in the ignition table are gospel.

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