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1991 Toyota MR2 ST185

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Hey everyone, just wanted to create this topic as way to kind of track my progress on getting a Link ECU (TST185+) installed on my MR2. 

I purchased the PlugIn ECU however I will be running a full custom harness and lots of changes to the stock configuration. This is just sort of a fun side project so it will be a learning opportunity as well. I am probably in over my head but I work slow and methodical so I think I can work through and learn what I need. Anyways I just got the ECU and while I wait for the machine shop to finish up the engine I am going to start planning the harness. The plan is to leave anything that doesn't directly involve running the engine alone and basically have a dedicated engine harness. Why I chose the PlugIn? Well I like the idea of keeping things as OEM looking as possible. Although I will be adding a lot of things like a COP set up and removing the distributor for a CAS, the idea is to make these things look as OEM as possible. It seems the PlugIn ECU provides more than enough I/O for what I need, but I'll just need to significantly change the configuration.

Here are sort of the major changes or additions to the OEM set up:

  1. TST185+ ECU 
  2. DW Injectors (820cc) (18U-00-0078-4)
  3. Denso COPs (6731300)
  4. Hall Cam & Crank sensors (Racer X)
  5. Link 3bar MAP
  6. Link 3 way Boost Solenoid
  7. GM IAT (3/8 NPT) w/ KO Racing Cold Start Injector Adapter Plage
  8. Walbro FP
  9. Remove EGR
  10. Remove Fuel Pump resistor
  11. Remove OEM o2
  12. Remove AFM


There are still a lot of unknowns for me. I will probably ask a lot of noob questions after thorough research. Here to learn.

My goals for the car are stockish power. Not looking to run more than 1 bar of boost on a CT27. I have a ton of supporting mods such as:

  1. 4" Intake (Racer X)
  2. 3" Downpipe (Berk)
  3. 3" Exhaust (Berk)
  4. Upgraded IC Core and Piping (TCS)
  5. CT27 (ATS)
  6. Rebuilt Engine*

The rebuilt engine is in progress. I picked up a JDM 3SGTE with a spun rod that had JE pistons. The machine shop is checking it over and will advise what is salvageable. I have the stock GEN2 3SGTE that the car came with I will use as a fall back. 





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