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How to adjust dwell times.

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Gidday folks

I have just installed some R35 coils in my RB26 (R32 GTR) - previously standard.

I have a single table of recommended dwell times for the coils. (as below)
Recommended dwell settings:
5.0ms @ 8v
4.8ms @ 9v
4.7ms @ 10v
4.6ms @ 11v
4.4ms @ 12v
4.2ms @ 13v
4.1ms @ 14v
4.0ms @ 15v
3.8ms @ 16v

when I went to look at the table (because I'm a noob) I expected to see a single column to adjust these settings but was met with a table with multiple columns.

I don't plan on going into the tuners for another month but would to get this fixed up as I am a little paranoid I'll burn them out as I have seen mentioned

thanks in advance for your help!!

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I believe you have as column axis RPM. and line axis voltage, do you?

in that case you can put the values you have in each column.

Or modify your table axis to get your expected format.

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If you want just a 2D table then right click on the table, choose axis setup, then (click the green wave next to engine speed) change the X axis parameter to none.

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