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Best dual CAN wideband option going?

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Hi all,

I'm having some trouble with the cheap ECOtrons dual CAN, and sensors failing/becoming slow or inaccurate. I've used the 4.9 sensors they provided, and when one failed, I bought another pair of the 'motorsport' (better heat tolerance supposedly) version from a local reputable vendor. One of these sensors is now failing also (stable at stoich, slow or stupid rich/lean either side of that). I've tried 2 different sensor locations, firstly about 700mm from the manifold, and 2ndly in the factory o2 location in the dump pipes. Wiring for the controller is powered on with fuel pumps.

What's the best option to replace the ECOtrons in this day and age? Would be great if it could report diagnostics etc to the Link (300z plug in).

Experiences, suggestions, info welcomed.




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In terms of dual channel the only one I really have experience with is the Motec LTCD.  They seem reliable but are a bit pricey.  HV Electronics have a dual channel one which seems reasonable on paper but I have no personal experience.  @Ducie54 was using a couple from memory, he may have some feedback.   Neither of these will provide much in the way of native error/status reporting.

I believe the new Haltech one has a mode that is compatible with Link but again have no personal experience.  The old silver cased ones were very slow, not sure if that has been improved in the newer one.

Otherwise you can buy two Link Lambdas for about the same $ as the LTCD but will give full integration in terms of status/errors etc.  Also maybe worth  considering the 14point7 spartan 3 - has worked well for me on several budget cars.  

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Im using 2 Emtron dual wide band controllers. I dont have the latest software for them so I have to power them up from a Aux output. They power up after 20sec from ignition on without a CAN signal.

I have CAN set up for errors but it shows just a number. I then have to go back to the manual to work out what it is.

If i was to do it agian I would just buy 4 of the LINK sensors. So much less hassle setting them up. 

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4 hours ago, MagicMike said:

Is it correct that the spartan units use the same protocols as link? 2 way communication, turn off CLL on sensor error etc?

It duplicates the basics.  It doesnt have all of the Link statuses but the basic OK/Error comes through.  Sensor temperature comes through.  CLL disable works correctly.  It doesnt have bi-directional comms so doesnt turn off when the engine is not running like the Link.    

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