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evo 1 2 3 g4+ Coil on plug conversion

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hi guys,

Ive been asked by a friend about putting coil on plug on to hi early evo just a couple of questions,


1, on the ign outputs the evo map uses one for ecu power hold can this be moved to another ign output? 

2, does anyone know the correct pins for the ecu header/connector

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The EVO1-3 plugin has additional hardware for the hold power circuit which unfortunately means that the ignition output is not available with out additional modifications to the ECU.


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12 hours ago, Adzn3k said:

You don't happen to know the type of pins that are used on the early ecu plugs?

They are a Hybrid multilock connector.  I cant remember if the ignition outputs are on the big terminals or small - but the small terminals are a 040 series and the large terminals will be an 070.

Link dealers can get these:  https://dealers.linkecu.com/Term-040_2

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I've got an Evo 1-3 ECU in my Anglia running a 6A13TT, so I replaced the connectors when I rewired the car.

From RS Components the part numbers you'll want are:

12 way - 720-1017
16 way - 712-2163
22 way - 712-2485
26 way - 712-2497

Pin inserts for these are:
Small - 712-1909
Large - 712-1911

The Evo 1-3 only uses 3 of the 4 connectors (as does the Legnum/Galant VR-4, but the later Evo 4-8 uses all 4 sizes.

If you wanted to make some kind of patch harness, then you might want 720-1014 (or 720-0979, can't tell the differences!) as a 4 way female, where you could present the 2 sets of expansion connectors on the plug-in board out to the extra plug, which might make the loom nicer!

Or 720-0976 as a 3 way female if you want a straight replacement.

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