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ABS sensors for digital inputs for Porsche 928

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I'm adding this here, because I posted on Facebook but that is a horrible place to keep technical info because searching for stuff even a few weeks old is difficult.

I asked:
what is the consensus on using the ABS sensors for traction control? ECU is Link Thunder, and it would be preferable to not interfere with the ABS system.

Adamw: The Thunder differential DI’s 11-16 are specifically designed for tapping into ABS signals without upsetting the ABS. Assuming they are common VR or hall sensors (not magnetoresistive)

me:  Front ABS sensor is the same as the Porsche 944 and 968. This is for a Porsche 928. They have a metal shell on them which on the below link indicates they are passive. https://www.apecbraking.co.uk/.../Techni.../ABS-Sensors.aspx

Adamw: The 928 Front sensors will be VR

Me: rear abs sensors are the same as front just different wire lengths https://www.boschautoparts.com/en/auto/adas/wheel-speed-sensor?partID=0265001118&fbclid=IwAR1GqYZhpppJI2yvq8NACCadDZUX2qlIH90qcQ2H1zIwqv1SDqVoc2vQ_iQ 

I wanted to post this here so that others can search and find this info.

additional follow up question.  for a VR sensor would we use the DI positive or negative inputs for the Thunder ECU?

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