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Setup Nos controll more advanced?

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Guest |427|

I have some problems setting up my Nos controll.

There is no "nitrous" option for the Aux outputs so I guess I'll need to stick with GP output.

Guess i'm gonna be using the virtual AUX options to do this:

I would the nos to be actived by a switch (di#4)

I will run a dry system and add fuel via the 4d fuel table.

Maybe i'll pull some timing via the 4d ignition table

I got full boost @ 6000rpm (revlimit 9000) so i would like the nos to be used betwee 5500-8900rpm

I don't won't the nos to be activated while using launch controll, gearcut or while being at the revlimit

I also only want it to be activated when TP above 90% and MAP above 140kpa

How will i setup this the best?

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You will need to use a GP output.

Two conditions will be the RPM low and high. The third will be a virtual aux (giving three more conditions)

These could be set as DI4, Throttle position and "Engine Limits"

There will be a bit of thinking involved about making sure that all the conditions and polarities are correct.

The engine limits flags should cover gear cut, launch control and rev limit.

If you set this all up to how you would like I can run on the bench to test it all if you email the file.

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Guest |427|

yea , that would be great, i'll setup it using 2 virtual tables

which email shall i send it to?

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From your suggestion of


Activation switch for NoS: Di-4

NoS Solendoid hooked up via Relay on Aux o/p 6

Conditions for nos

Virtual Aux#1 must be on

(RPM 5500-8700)

Gear 2 or above.

Virtual Aux#2 must be off

(virt-aux#2 is only on when Engine limits is 1 (on=gearcut, launch or revlimit)

Virtual Aux#3 must be on

Tp is above 90% "

Testing this on the bench it all works spot on.

Some clever thinking on your part there.

boost is above 0.3bar

Di#4 switch is on

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