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Change Request: Master Fuel

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1) Master fuel should be adjustable below 4ms.

2) Master fuel should also be adjustable to tenths of a millisecond. for example... 4.1, 4.2, etc. Then you could get rid of your percent trim.

Reason for #1. ID2000's I tuned Stu Hagen's Supra recently on id2k's and we were at peak 57% IDCs. Values in the fuel table at peak torque were right at 60, no more. The problem is there is no real injector option between 1000 and 2000.... so people who need 1300cc's worth of injectors, but 2k cc injectors and then we can't scale the maps using max resolution. I know it's nit picky, but hey :) it's a suggestion.

Reason for #2. Unless it's difficult to implement, seems easy, but may not be as intuitive as you have it setup currently.

Thanks again

-Eric Urness

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Eric, have you tried just putting a negative in front of the percent trim. I don't know if it would let you go past 4ms but you could try maybe -50% on the trim this would get you to 2ms.

I don't have a need to run my injectors down to the 4ms mark at this time, I will when I go to 2K's so I haven't tried it but I have thought about it.

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