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Activation timer on 2nd or 3rd DBW map

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Would it be possible to add a activation timer on the DBW maps on a future update? Would allow for different DBW maps using the clutch switch for say a launch map. Wouldn't want the second or third map coming on during shifts when the clutch gets kicked.

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Good morning,

This is currently possible, but takes a little bit of work/setup/trial. I have not tested this, but these are the steps you would follow.

1. Use Virtual Auxiliary X to activate the 2nd E-throttle table

2. Setup Aux Timer Y to activate off the Digital Input you have your clutch switch connected to. Set the Polarity to 'Reset when Off'

3. Setup the Virtual Aux X as a GP Output with switch logic as 'Cond 1 ONLY'

4. Set SW Cond 1 to Timer Y > . Specify the time you would want.

The way this should work is that you press the clutch in, after the amount of specified time Virtual Aux X should switch E-throttle table 2 active. When you release the clutch pedal the timer would reset, causing Virtual Aux X to turn off, causing the E-throttle table 1 to become active. If you press the clutch in for less time than the specified e-throttle map 1 would stay active.

You could also add more conditions into the Virtual Auxiliary including speed, gear and TPS positions.


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