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Howard Coleman

V88 Laptop

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i have been using my HP Pavillion 17 inch screen laptop for logging/tuning. i want to switch to a smaller 14 or 13 inch screen machine so it will be easier to secure while i am on track at the Texas Mile.

technology has marched on and i would like to take advantage of the faster machines.

most of the newer Intel powered i7 machines run on a 64 bit architecture. will my V88 work with 64 bit?

is there any advantage as far as logging speed with a faster machine?

the newer machines offer a 3.0 USB. will the 3.0 work with the V88?

any specific recommendations?



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Yes. My laptop is x64. No issues here.

Yes. faster will help if your current laptop has trouble keeping up. But at the end of the day, it can only log as fast as the vipec will process it.

Yes. usb 3.0 is backward compatible with all usb. It just allows faster speeds for 3.0 capable devices.

I have been looking at an asus once my hp dv7 dies. It's on life support now.

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I have been running a Toshiba Satelite Pro with windows 7 32 bit for years, it has started to die from years of dyno abuse.

I have just purchased a new Toshiba Ultrabook Protege with Windows 7 PRO 64 bit it also came with Windows 8 but I never loaded It as I don't like the layout.

I am to set in my ways.

This little machine is very light and thin, super fast has SSD so has an 8 hour battery life.

It also has the same screen resolution as my big laptop , meaning my page layouts etc all fit on the screen, don't have to arrow across or down to see everything.

In saying all of this it is a more fragile machine however it is easier to handle due to it's weight and size.

VTS and iVTS will both run on 32 and 64 bit without issues.



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