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Activation code for BMW Mini

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Hi guys,

We just installed a Mini plug-in. Upon first use its asking us for an activation code. This is the first i-series we have installed and we did not realize it required one. Its Saturday here and we have a customer waiting to get the car on the dyno. We have also installed a set of larger injectors and would rather not have to reinstall the originals to get the customer home. If anyone is around that can supply us with an unlock code we would be eternally grateful.

Blaine Carmena




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Hi Blaine,

please give me the serial number of the ECU and I should be able to get your unlock code for you.

There maybe a sticker on the case or the box that the ECU came in with the serial number.

If not just go online to the ECU and CLICK on the HELP tab, then click on ECU INFORMATION, the serial number will be in the list of information.



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