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Innovate LC-1 technical installation

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Hey Guys,

We run GTX35 on Cosworth YB engine, finally we got inconel exhaust system. And now we need to install all sensors.

Maybe You know, how far innovate sensor should stand after turbocharger? And also EGT sensor how far should it be?

Thank You a lot,


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I have my o2 sensor 150mm after exit from turbine housing and found temperature is a problem at certain times.

I now have moved it about 400mm further down the pipe and do not have temp problems anymore.-Innovate LC-1.

Too be seriously critical , I noticed an ever so small delay in readings but I am not concerned about such a minute delay. Really splitting hairs here..

EGT sensor is mounted before the turbine inlet , about 20mm before the turbine flange.

No problems with it there. I was concerned of it eventually breaking off and going through the turbine but nothing in 2 years as yet.

I do periodically remove it to check and it is still intact and perfect except for some discoloration.


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