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Graeme Hill

G3 Map in my G4RX

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  1. With both G3 and G4 PCLink open (G4 PCLink connected), begin setting up the ECU using your existing G3 map. This must be done manually noting the following:

  • All table axis must be configured to exactly match the G3 axis. The copy and paste function works well between tables once the axis have been correctly setup.

  • G3 ECUs have a parameter named 'Dwell Edge'. In G4 ECUs this is now called 'Spark Edge'. A rising 'Dwell Edge' is the same as a falling 'Spark Edge' and a falling 'Dwell Edge' is the same as a rising 'Spark Edge'.

  • G3 ECUs have channels named Load Input. G4 ECUs have renamed these as AnVolt channels. This causes G3 AnVolt channel numbering to differ from G4 AnVolt channel numbers. For example Load Input 1 becomes AnVolt1, Load Input 2 becomes AnVolt2, Load Input 3 becomes AnVolt3, AnVolt1 becomes AnVolt4, AnVolt2 becomes AnVolt5... etc.

  • AFR correction must be turned off on the G4 firmware.

  • Fuel Equation must be set to Load = MAP on the G4 firmware.

  • If the car fails to run, it is very unlikely to be a hardware fault. Please double check all settings.

  • G3 LinkPlus Aux11 is not supported by G4 firmware.

  1. After setting up the ECU perform a 'Store'.

  2. It is recommended that the engine is then checked by your Link dealer to ensure everything is operating correctly.

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