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Chris Platt

VH45 G4 Storm

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Hi having major hair loss problems with my Vh45.

Im trying to run it with a storm. Im running the coil on spark. I have 2 link ignitors wired into the coils as a wasted spark setup.

I have also wired the injectors in the same wasted spark sequence.

Now, I have wired the CAS as per link diagram, and run the sync setup etc. When i crank the engine the little leds on the ignitors flash in the right sequence.

At this point I will have to say that I am a newbe to this.

Right so I crank it, the Led's flash and after a lot of cranking the plugs are wet...well damp.

The link dosnt read any RPM's though.

I have fully rebuilt the motor and have got new...most things including a CAS

Cams have been reground by franklin cams.

Have NOT done a compression test yet

At this point im looking for, either a map that should run it, or a direction to go in please.

Cant help but feel that an extreme would have solved my issues...

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Hi Chris,

There appear to be at least two problems with your setup.

1) The ignitors are current limited, so you can only run one coil on each channel, if you are running a coil on plug setup you will require (4 x 2 channel ignitors) or (1 x 2 channel + 2 x 3 channel ignitors).

2) You should be seeing RPM in PCLink. Read the help section in PCLink about Nissan trigger setup, search the help index for 'Nissan ECCS'. If this doesn't work, send us your basemap and we can have a look.

Hope this helps,


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