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EGT sensor selection

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Hi Dave,

The expansion socket on your G4 ECU has two spare analog volt channels. These can both be used for an amplified EGT signal.

The EGT amplifiers output a variable voltage. The calibration for these sensors (temp and voltage) need to be entered into a calibration table in PCLink. Any amplifier which outputs from 0 to 5 volts will work.

These ones are used by a few people




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i second Scott's suggestion re Exhaust Gas Technologies. they offer a wide range of EGT related products that i have used for a number of years. i especially like their line of new voltage conversion modules (amps). they sell into the true professional racing market and offer very competitive pricing. their line of themocouples is broad and i strongly suggest you contact them so that they can build you the exact setup you need.

i have no affiliation w them other than being a satisfied customer. 

excellent guidence from Scott.

howard coleman

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