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Andreas K.

Impreza V9 rpm limit problem

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During my last trackday I had problem with RPM Limit. After about 10min in the track, my car started hitting the rpm limit at 6000rpm instead of 8000rpm, which is set. 

ECT ,oil temp and boost levels were ok. Any help?

After checking ECU statistics I noticed that Max RPM was 10000rpm!! Is that related with my problem? Is it a trigger problem?

Mods: Link G4 plug-in, Exhaust, air filter.

PS: Trigger filtering is set to Level 1 (low). Is that correct?

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Hi Andreas

There are a few things I have noted regarding your setup

Firstly i would suggest  that you are probably hitting a lower rev limit due to engine temp increasing over that amount of laps as at 105c your rev limit will be approx 6000rpm same applies for the boost limit as well.

2nd your air temp compensation for fueling is oddly setup maybe there is some other reason for this that needs looking at? Have look at a base map for how they are normally configured.

Next I would suggest updating the ecu firmware this will enable the trig 2 lock out mode as this can help with trigger issues on a subaru .

The fuel and ignition maps have a different shape than i would expect for a fairly standard setup  has this been on a dyno? Have the injectors been changed?


David Heerdegen




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