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bruce cullimore

trigger errors while on overrun fuel cut

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hi there


Just having a small issue with my plug in g4 ecu in a dc2 honda integra, everything had been running perfectly until i done a firmware update, now whenever the car goes into overrun fuel cut it shows on the log that the trigger 1 error  counter is at 64, also whenever it hits a limiter, be it  rev, map or speed limiter it will show a few errors too. on the old firmware it never use to get trigger errors at all and the only thing that has changed is the firmware. i have multiple logs from the previous firmware showing zero errors, and then logs of runs post firmware update all have trigger errors. i have checked all trigger settings and they are exactly the same as prior to the update.


any help would be greatly appreciatted as it would be nice to be able to use the overrun fuel cut again!




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