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anthony mcgrath

dec air function? also AN VOLT 4 fault code 20 - grnd error but my wideband has one just fine?

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hi all

I've got a couple of questions if thats okay..


Q1 - IDLE UP with heavy load on car to prevent stalling?

I've been editing my idle and since getting my Q45 throttle body sorted I've been having much more success bringing the idle down from 1800rpm to a more respectable 900rpm.  I was playing with the idle speed control (using closed loop sol/stepper mode) but having some probs.  When I drive about at night I have headlights on, music, heater, possibly wipers (our lush british weather!) and if I'm operating powersteering then when I come to traffic lights the rpm drops quite quickly down to 300rpm bordering on stalling.  A few seconds later it picks up just fine and idles nicely at 900rpm

Is there a dec air function or something that will lift the rpm a little while the car settles from say 3000rpm down to 900 (ie: cruising to stopping at lights)?  I'm not sure how to go about it altho I suspect it may be a case of editing something in the idle speed control Base position %DC  maybe ?



I have my wideband plugged into AN Volt4 at present and every time I switch on the car it gives me an AN VOLT 4 ERROR - FAULT CODE 20 message.  From what I can gather its a grounding issue but my wideband seems to be working just fine.  the gauge is adjusting based on the fueling and if I hit the R key in PClink and check out my fuel I can see the lambda fuel correction % adjusting to meet the AFR target table.

I'm a bit lost now as this msg never used to come up but now its every time.  I have also noticed that if I put my foot down a little bit taking the car to boost threshhold the car would enrichen the mix for me but now it doesn't seem to do that and things seem like they get more lean on the gauge without ever enriching.


any thoughts would be most welcome :)



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