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Bevan Marshall

Is there a limit on how many stores you can perform?

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Ok i realize this is a very random question, but is there a limit to how many times you can rewrite the settings on the ECU? Reason im asking, is that currently im using the G4 as a part immobilizer, as in i have a separate .pcl file with ignition and fuelling turned off completely. The car isnt driven during the week at all, and its far enough away from my house to not be heard driven off if the worst happens, someone breaks into the garage etc. So basically, when i leave the car on a sunday night, i store the .pcl i have made with everything off. Then on a saturday or whenever, i load the current full tune and away we go. Its only temporary, ill be eventually using one of the spare digital inputs as an immobilze function interfaced with the alarm. Just need to get my head around the wiring. Thanks :)

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