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Ben Jones

Phase 1 and 2 EZ30 triggers

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Hey guys,

Im in the process of putting a G4 Extreme into my Legacy GT30 equipped with the phase 2 EZ30 from the factory.  This motor seems to be unique to the 2000-2003 GT30 models and has some slight differences to the 1998-2000 Lancaster 6 motor.


I see that the G4 includes trigger settings from the 2004+ EZ30D with AVCS.  Can anyone confirm whether these will work with the older motor.  Cam angle sensor is in the same location and looks the same but the motor does not have AVCS or variable lift.


Ive configured the crank angle sensor and it seems to be the same.  I dont get a rising error count on trigger 1 and the ECU registers an accurate cranking rpm.  Hoping to fire this thing up tomorrow so any help is muchly appreciated.

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Ive done a little more research and the waveform output for the older EZ30 sensors is identical to that of the EZ30R.  BUT all of the people ive seen running the EZ30R are using the LH intake cam for trigger 2.  Im using the RH intake cam as thats the only sensor on this motor.

Would i need to add a 180* offset to the timing to compensate for this?  That would explain why my timing light was bang on the mark at 0* offset in the calibration.

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Bumping an ancient thread here... Not sure if Ben is still active on the forum or not.

Here in the US, we didn't get the EZ30 until 2001, and had that version from 2001 to 2004. Since our Subaru model years are typically a year behind the Japanese and Aus/NZ markets, it sounds like it's probably your '00-03 "phase 2" EZ30. (No AVCS or AVLS, cast aluminum intake manifold with variable plenun / IRIS valve, single exhaust port on each head - is that what your phase 2 motor has?)


In the not-too-distant future I plan to install an '01 EZ30 into my '97 Legacy using a Vipec V88. It would be great to be able to pick the brain of someone who has already done something similar.

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