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Subaru WRX STI 2005


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Just bought a STI with Link G4 installed.  What is the function of th engine lamp on the dashbord togheter Link ECU?

Sometimes it flashes on high revs, also intercooler waterspray lamp flashes somtimes, car has fmic, no spraying connected to that.

The ECU is also locked by a former tuner, I was thinking of getting rid of the tune. Then start over from scratch by my self.

Is it difficult to roadtune with G4? I have some experience from opensource tuning with Subaru.

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Hi Lasse,

The lamp can have a number of functions customisable within the ECU. One function set will be the 'Check Engine light function' which will flash error codes (access the help in PC Link for more info). Intercooler waterspray lamp will flash when the function is activated, but as there is nothing connected it will have no effect.

It may also have other functions set by the tuner, have you contacted them for the password?

We always recommend Dyno tuning, but a number of people have roadtuned with no issues.



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