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Evo 6 2.3RR wiring diagram

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Hi Augusto

Do you have a program that you use to draw these up? We have been looking if there were any good options out there in the market.

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Hello Simon

This electrical diagrams are made by a friend in an amateur way.
This friend has a website information of electrical diagrams of Brazil's cars. http://www.ciclo.eng.br/

I have other electrical diagram of other cars, I put in the forum ??
Sorry for the delay in responding.


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Yes please post them :-) 

Simon, you should have a look on microsoft viso. Many companies use it to draw motorsport harnesses. 

In the beginning it can be timing consuming to draw templates, forms and parts. After that it's okay and possible to make nice diagrams. 

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Oh yeah, I forgot all about this post, sorry.

I don't have anything to post right now, but the real tool in visio is the drawing explorer, it took me ages to find it and turn it on.



From the drawing explorer you can add wire colours with stripes etc

Here's the guide I followed/copied:


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