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rb25det neo cas pinout

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Hi there is some variation in the CAS sensor.

The late R34 sensors are a mirror image of the attached image.

I don't have a pinout for the coils.



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what coils are you using.

Normally they are all marked with + - and I

+ = Ignition power

- = Grounded to cylinder head

I = Ignition trigger.

Normally the trigger wire is the centre wire.

So just check for 12 volts with ignition on at one end with multi meter and check ohms to cylinder head at the other end, should be very close to 0 OHMS and if you do a voltage check , ignition OFF should read less than one volt.



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awesome that made my life a lot easier thanks a million! :) my one is the plastic cas so im guessing its the later one so from left to right will be ground power trig one trig two?

Yep spot on.

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