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Traction control

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Thought to post a video from my traction control test a few weeks back. 1.5 bar low boost on wet and cool road (+6 C) at 2nd gear. This is fwd car with 2.0 litre engine equipped with Garret GTX4202R turbo. Highest power level 916 hp at crank so far @ 2.8 bar boost. 

Should traction control sound like this? Really heavy banging in my mind. However, front tires stays within set 5 % slip to rear tires, so it really works even on very slippery conditions. Traction mode is "Fuel%Cut".


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Hi Sutkale,

can you please put up a screen shot of your T/C setup or add your PCL or PM your PCL file to me so I can check it.

It sounds as though you have a hard cut coming in.



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Hi Guys and thanks for watching,

Here´s the screenshot from TC settings, slip threshold is 5% at every gear:


The log file is too big to attach or am  I doing something wrong. It´s quite big, over 40 minutes...



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