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Virtual Aux

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Need some help how to use Virtual Aux for a warning light, can't get my mind around this Aux Virtual Value1=ON -> setting

I would like to use Virtual Aux 1 as one of 3 “OR” parameters in Aux 3 Output to trigger the light.

Aux 3 Amber Light

GP Output


Switch Logic -> Cond 1 OR Cond 2 OR Cond 3

SW Cond 1 -> Aux Virtual Value1=ON

Aux Virtual Value1=ON ->  What to put here

SW Cond 2 -> ECT>

ECT> -> 195

SW Cond 3 -> AN V6 (EGT) >

AN V6 (EGT)> -> 1742


Virtual Aux 1:

GP output


Switch Logic -> Cond 1 AND Cond 2 AND Cond 3

SW Cond 1 -> MAP >

MAP > -> 34 psi

SW Cond 2 -> RPM>

RPM> -> 7000

SW Cond 3 -> Lambda 1 >

Lambda 1 > -> 11.8AFR


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