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Traction control issue set up

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Usually fuel cut is the safer option for a road car.  Ignition cut can be more responsive and give faster recovery but it can also be harder on mechanical aspects.  If a lot of ignition cut is used or sustained for long periods some say the large bangs in the exhaust can in some cases cause hydraulic lifters to "pump up" and is harder on items like turbine wheels and exhaust systems, etc.  

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I thought i would update this thread. 


I ended up buying 4 frequency dividers. 

For reasons unknown they didnt work.

Sometimes worked sometimes not .

I tried everything new wires triple checked but just couldn't get reliable signals into the ecu.


So i have given up tc is not going ti work on the fury if you have more than 12 teeth on your abs rings as simple as that just a headache trying to band aid a solution to this. 

Best option is to sell The fury and buy the thunder 

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Hi Muzzy, 

Where did you get the speed signal from ? Did you get it from PRE-ABS directly from wheel speed sensor or post ABS ?

I think there are output signal from ABS to OEM ecu available but i haven't tried that yet (shown in blue area). 

I am also in the process of wiring this up to my Thunder, I found it easier to get the signal directly from OEM ecu loom without having to pull apart my dash provided if those signal work. So was just wondering if you may be already try signal from there?


Wheel Speed option.JPG

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