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Link G4 V1.1 Map sensor upgrade.


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Good afternoon, I have had a Link G4 in my r32 for a while now and have just gone from an RB25/30 to an RB26 in my r32 gts4.

The whole loom and drive line has been converted over.

I'm currently running a Garrett T04z and would like to push the engine setup beyond the realms of the On board 1.5 bar map sensor.

I would also like to do this without potentially having an aftermarket boost controller and just be able to run it directly from the on board computer.

Is there a map sensor that I can upgrade too on the board itself?

I do have an extension cable for the IAT that had to be mounted for the old setup, to which i no longer need for that for obvious reasons.

My Link G4 is the equivalent to the Vipec V44, its a 2008  in it, maybe 2009, any and all help would be much appreciated.




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We may be able to upgrade the on-board MAP sensor. Send an email to tech(at)linkecu.com with a link to this forum thread and we'll tell you what upgrade options are available and what the cost is.


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