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Hi Guys,

We are going to use our G4+T in our drag car, i was wondering if there could be a way where we enter the timing ticket in to the log that would tell us where about's we are on track (60ft,330ft,1/8th mile, etc)  and what time we are into the run.

We could activate the run with the G meter.

I have seen one of the default logs as a drag run and wondered if we can set ours up the same?

Thanks for the great work guys.

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Search help for "drag run", the first hit is "editing log file sections", this will show you how to use the drag run wizard.  You still need to know where the run starts but you can approximate this from (as you say) a "g meter" (accelerometer), although most would probably use something like a clutch switch or transbrake switch to identify start location. 

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