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Crank trigger and cams sensors setup G4

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Hi Simon,

I've connect the ecu back from you on the car an now the outputs are working fine in "test mode" and "pwm test", i can hear the électrovalves working.

But now another problem, when i run the engine up to the rpm lockout (2000rpm) in " vvt  setup" the engine stop.

When the engine stop, i can see the in limits part of the screen, the "rpm limit on" and orange.

At the same time i can see the vvt target and position angles Moving. 

i use the vvt base map setup file "audi v8 4,2L"

Have you any idea of this problem?

Best regards


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Hi Antonie,

It sounds like when the cams move the tooth or feature on the cam wheel that we are referencing to sync from must move across to the other side of the gap so the ecu loses sync.

If I remember right your engine has a custom trigger wheel and it may be in a slightly different place to where it normally is.  Do you have a two channel oscilloscope so we can get a capture of the crank and cam signals when the engine is running?

I will PM you a picture and a bit more info about the trigger pattern.

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