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PCL from V88 to i88

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Hi there.

Is there a way to transfer a complete tune from a V88 to my i88 ECU.

There is the option of doing this manually but I want to save some time....Off course I will double check everything prior cranking the engine.


I have the latest software on my i88,the one from Link site.

Thank you guys.

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I have never personally done it with a vipec but you can upgrade a G4 tune file to a G4+ so I assume the same will work for i88.

The secret is you need to be connected to a live/powered up ECU, before the software will allow you to open an old format map.

So, with Laptop connected to ECU & ignition/power on, open new G4+ software.  Then go to file>open and browse for your old V88 tune file, it should open up and convert to i88 file, you can then save it with a new name.

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