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MINI Cooper Plug in Unit

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Question:   I have my unit installed.  But the AC is not working correctly - the G+ shows it calling for AC, but its not turning on the compressor.   The AC worked perfect before with the stock ECU.

Fan turns on and all other speed controls work but not the AC Compressor does not do anything.  Once in a while it will turn on for about 20 secs and then stop.  This is a very important function as I live in Florida its hot as hell and rains all the time, so driving in the heat with fogged up windows is unacceptable.

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Hi Cooper,

Thanks for the files. I'll reply to you here as it may help another user in the future.

From what I can see in your log file the A/C compressor output (Aux Output 6) is working as expected. The main thing that is causing the ECU to switch off the compressor clutch is that the evaporator temp is getting down below the lockout level of 4.0 degrees C. You could try adjusting the Low Evap Temp Lockout, but you have to be careful with this though, as you can see in the log file the AC system has a lag effect where the evaporator temp continues to drop after the compressor clutch disengages. 



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