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Checking timing RB25

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Hey just wanted to see how to check what the timing has been set to using the pc link for link g4. If i go into the set base timing it says lock ignition timing to 0 and  adjust offset -90 degrees. So does that mean it should be reading -90 degrees from 0? I dont want to change any settings on the computer as the car has already been tuned, but my CAS has been moved so i need to match my timing with whatever the tuner has set it to. Thanks

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Hi Curtis,

It looks like your base timing has been changed previously as it is different to our default base-map. It doesn't really matter what the number is so long as it is correct for your engine. To make sure the offset is correct you need a timing light. Do the following:

1. Connect the timing light to cylinder 1. You may need an HT lead to get between the coil and the spark plug.

2. Disable the fuel system. You can do this by turning the injection mode off in PCLink, or by disconnecting the injectors.

3. Connect to PCLink and open the base timing window.

4. Set the first field to the timing mark on the housing that you want to use as a reference. On most engines this will be 10 degrees BTDC or 0 degrees.

5. Shine the timing light on the crank pulley, adjust the second field in the base timing window until the line on the crank pulley lines up with the reference mark on the housing.

When adjusting the second field use the Q and A keys to go up and down, or enter the value you want and then press enter. Once you have the base timing set up correctly remember to do a store to the ECU. Also remember to re-enable the fuel system.


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