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Wideband and Narrowband wiring?

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Hi there.


I am in the process of bulding my harness.I am planning on using 3 oxygen sensors.2 widebands and the OEM narrowband.

They will be located as follows.

The 2 widebands in exhaust ports 1-4,2-3 and the OEM norrowband just before the cat.

The purpose is to keep AFR readings as accurate by splitting the readings in the exhaust ports as mentioned above and the OEM narrowband will be kept on order to help me tune in CLL.

I believe that monitoring the AFR target values with one wideband doesn't mean that all the injectors spray the same.Especially under WOT.


My questions are

1)Is the narrowband better than a wideband,in means of fuel economy and accuracy being more accurate in the stoich area?

My 2 widebands are user programmable.Does this mean that i can make them act just like the OEM narrowband,on not?

2)How can i wire in the 2 Bosch LSU wideband sensors to my i88 Vipec?According to Bosch the pin out is the following.


Pin 1 Pump current APE / IP
Pin 2 Virtual ground IPN / VM
Pin 3 Heater voltage H- / Uh-
Pin 4 Heater voltage H+ / Uh+
Pin 5 Trim resistor RT / IA
Pin 6 Nernst voltage UN / RE


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1.  I wouldnt bother to use a narrowband at all, the Vipec can average the readings from the other two widebands and use that for closed loop.

2.  You cant connect a wideband direct to the ecu.  You must use some type of wideband sensor controller.


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The controllers will have have at least 1 analog output that needs to be connected to an Analog Volt channel on the Link ECU. Often you can re-program the controllers to output a particular calibration, but as Link ECUs have some built in calibrations, and also contain custom calibration tables there is probably little point in doing this.


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