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Brad Foreman

Link plus g2 tablet display

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I just got my hands on a link plus g2 which the tuner said it had g3 firmware on it

I was wondering if I can display everything on a tablet? I've done a search and nothing comes up for older links just g4


Can I wire extra sensors (oil pressure/oil temp) and display them as well as boost and water temp 


If I can't use a tablet is there any way I can display the information 



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Hi Brad,

We have not tried running PCLink V3.40 (for G2/3 ECUs) on a tablet. If it is going to work the tablet will need to be a tablet that runs a proper version of windows (not windows CE). What you can display in PLCink will be what you can display on the tablet.

Yes, any spare inputs or outputs of the ECU are able to to be used and displayed just like they can on a PC.



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